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Problems with keyboard still and problems with uefi iso
I still have problems with my usb wireless keyboard not working most times when I boot ventoy in legacy mode. It might work once out of ten tries which is very frustrating. If I boot in UEFI mode the keyboard works every time but I have lots of problems with the files I want to use. Macrium Reflect only works in memdisk mode. many of the iso's just refuse to load. If I choose normal mode I just get a cursor at the top left of the screen and nothing happens. I have tried using a plug in usb keyboard but get the same results. I also have problems with wim files in UEFI also.
Ideal solution for me would be to get the keyboard to work in Legacy. I should also point out that Easy2Boot also has the same problem but I seem to need that less and less.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have had this computer for 10 years and this keyboard problem is something that has only started about 2 years ago and only with ventoy/easy2boot.
I was advised before to hold the shift key while booting in easy2boot to load the usb drivers but that does not work either.
I should also mention that there is no bios update for my motherboard, but like I said I never had these problems until lately.

This is what happens when I try to boot and easy2boot drive with ventoy and agfm.
9 times out of 10 in legacy mode the keyboard will not work once the menu easy2boot menu comes up.
Following advice here i have found a work around but is less than ideal.
when the blue easy2boot screen comes up i hold down thew shift key. [must get the timing right]
at first I get this:

INFO: GRUB4DOS USB 2.0 driver (shift key down)
...scanning usb devices..
Then I get this:
INFO: GRUB4DOS USB 2.0 driver (shift key down)
Error 81 no usb device found. Usb enumeration failed try to restart.
I let go of the shift key and the menu loads.
After all that the keyboard will work.

anyway of fixing that somehow?

I did not mean fixing, i meant some kind of command in a startup file that would automatically do this.

I have found a workaround that I can live with. I hate things that do not work but this will do.

I installed Ventoy on easy2boot as well as AGfm. I now boot easy2boot in legacy mode and do like I said above. Once the menu loads I can go to ventoy an use it no problem.

Bothers me that  cannot get a pure ventoy usb to legacy boot but at least I can do something.

On another note. I followed the instructions for adding a virtualbox machine as vtoy. This is amazing. It does not work in UEFi either but it works splendidly on legacy. I have to wonder if there is a need for linux systems with persistence anymore. I guess if you are cramped for space.
Any thoughts.

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