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Color and font in the menu (theme.txt)
Is it possible to change the color and font in the menu header (theme.txt) ? Or just the font color.

[Image: W241StB.png]

        message-font: "Poppins-48.pf2"
        title-text: "UEFI"
It turned out to change the color.
title-color: "#E51642"

[Image: uBmiurT.png]

Is it possible to increase the font size and make it bold ?
In grub, the size of the shtft does not change. A new one is added.

parameter b theme.txt
title-font ="font_name"

+ be sure to ventoy.json
"theme": {
"fonts": [ ...

"font_name" and "font_file_name" are different names.

Read about the "lsfonts" team in my topic click

About the theme design in click
Thanks for the help.

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