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Failed to open \EFI\Boot\? Invalid parameter
After update v 1.0.81 from 1.0.80, this error warning appear at boot, still boot Ventoy normaly, i checked ventoy.json but dont know how to solved it? 
[Image: B48-B164-B-D3-A2-4473-89-EA-71-D2-F88-EC963.jpg]
I have the same error, on 1.0.80 everything is fine.
Any one same too?
I even tried reformat usb with json default and same error, but still boot fine, anw it annoying
At 1.82 it also does not work, this inscription appears and the flash drive does not boot further, it immediately throws it into the BIOS of the motherboard. Tried on several flash drives with the same error. What is the problem after updating to 1.81 did this start?

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