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Which markup to choose when creating a usb ventoy
Which markup should I choose correctly when creating a usb ventoy, MBR or GPT? How does this affect the download or installation ?
[Image: NewLoZb.png]
If you mainly boot old legacy BIOS PCs then choose MBR
If you mainly boot new UEFI PCs then choose GPT
If you boot both old and new PCs then choose either - but some PCs/notebooks may not work in some modes.

If you mainly boot Windows ISOs/VHDs then probably best to format the Partition 1 as NTFS after making new Ventoy drive.

You also need to choose Secure Boot option. If you can change BIOS to disable Secure Boot every time, then choose non-secure boot option as Secure Boot adds complications and problems.
How to format in ntfs if the program itself formats in exfat ? Or do you need to make a flash drive into two partitions ? And that ntfs is more stable than exfat ?
Just reformat Partition 1 from exFAT to NTFS.

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