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Change the label 1.0.80 BIOS
The BIOS/UEFI label changes depending on the mode in which you load the flash drive.
And about the entire inscription, read the documentation carefully. 
  • Ventoy version info
By default there will be a version info string at the lower left corner. For example 
1.0.10 UEFI

This info is hard coded in the source. You can use ventoy_left/ventoy_top/ventoy_color to change its position and color.
If you want to remove it completely, I encourage you to read the source code, modify it and rebuild Ventoy. I think this is also the essence of open source.

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RE: Change the label 1.0.80 BIOS - by AlexBryansk - 10-25-2022, 08:47 PM

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