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Solved Two boot menus BIOS and UEFI
Respected, Steve2926 and longpanda.

When using the parameter "VTOY_SECONDARY_BOOT_MENU": "1", an additional menu is loaded, I do not want it to be displayed, and I set the parameter "VTOY_SECONDARY_BOOT_MENU": "0", but then Memtest86+_64_6.00.Beta programs are not loaded.3 and GoldMemory_7.98_Pro. If I enable the parameter "VTOY_SECONDARY_BOOT_MENU": "1" , then the programs load and run.

How, with the "VTOY_SECONDARY_BOOT_MENU" parameter enabled: "0, to make the programs work?  Is it possible to automatically assign the Boot in memdisk mode parameter to these programs in ventoy.json ?  Or there is another way to solve this problem.
I already gave you the answer

you can add vtmemdisk if you want the file to be loaded into memory always

or use ventoy.json file and automemdisk

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