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Windows 10 legacy mode setup problem
(09-30-2022, 12:28 PM)nguyen ha thai trong Wrote: Give me your win10 download link
Hello friend unfortunately I will be in debt to iso, in iso has information and systems of the company that I work I cannot share, second problem is that iso has 12GB, and my net is 10mb, it would take a long time to upload, if it were possible to share, using it in virtual machines or by other software to create boot disk is working normally only with ventoy presents the problem.
But thank you very much for trying to help, I asked the question to know if anyone else had this type of problem, because sometimes I could fix it by doing some process or configuration.
I can help with photos or any other information, but I can't provide that.

I'm downloading the original windows 10 iso to do a test, then I'll post the results and link of the iso, in case the same problem happens.

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