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Cannot access Partition 1 under Linux .vtoy
Yes - I understand that

but how is one supposed to know if a control_legacy section is present or not?
There is no indication in VentoyPlugson ???
NO. Currently there is no indication and user must check ventoy.json for that.
Maybe an indication in some way can be displayed in the screen, I will consider that when I have enough spare time.
Exactly - user does not understand why settings in control_legacy do not appear to work!!!
It is because there is no control_legacy section in ventoy.json - it is very confusing!

e.g. start with new ventoy.json
1. Set VTOY_LINUX_REMOUNT=1 in control tab
2. Set VTOY_SECONDARY_BOOT_MENU = 1 in control_legacy tab  (leave REMOUNT as 0)

Now user legacy boots and REMOUNT is not used.

Now user runs VentoyPlugson again:
1. Set VTOY_SECONDARY_BOOT_MENU = 0 in control_legacy tab 

Now user legacy boots and REMOUNT is now used!
It is easy to understand from ventoy.json, because we can directly see which sections are in the json file.
But in the webpage it's difficault to implement the internal logic.

An active indication for each tab is better.
If both control and control_legacy tabs are active, then control_legacy will take effect.
Set VTOY_SECONDARY_BOOT_MENU = 0 again will make  control_legacy tab inactive.

Anyway VentoyPlugson is just a simple tool to help to generate ventoy.json file. I don't want to spend too many time on it.
Since most of the users don't use multi-mode option (even they don't need ventoy.json),  if more and more users report the same confusition as you, I can remove multi-mode tabs from the page.(e.g. remove control_legacy/control_uefi.... and leave only control tab).
Might be useful to add a button to load and display the current ventoy.json contents as a text file also?

Most people use VentoyPlugson and many use legacy and uefi tabs. It is a great tool!

Showing active tabs would be nice but still not easy to understand how sections work.

Maybe if both xxx and xxx_yyy tabs are active, then page should tell user - e.g.

and on xxx page (e.g. control page) - print information
(e.g. if legacy and uefi sections exist):
ACTIVE FOR: ia32, aa64, mips
or if all xxx_yyy sections present 'INACTIVE'

and on xxx_yyy pages
SETTINGS ACTIVE (control PAGE SETTINGS WILL BE IGNORED)           (display on any page where xxx_yyy section exists)
or if no xxx_yyy then on xxx_yyy page:
NO SETTINGS DEFINED (control PAGE SETTINGS WILL BE USED)           (display on any page where xxx_yyy section does not exist)

if you don't want to use, say, control_uefi you have to search for all non-default settings on the control_uefi page and then reset them to make the control_uefi section inactive. It would be nice to be able to delete all control_uefi  (xxx_yyy) settings - e.g. add button to clear all settings (make inactive) on each xxx_yyy page.

The followings can be considered:
A global view button.
A reset button for each tab.
An active indication for each tab.
A help information about how multi-mode section works with a striking link.

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