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Cannot access Partition 1 under Linux .vtoy
Might be useful to add a button to load and display the current ventoy.json contents as a text file also?

Most people use VentoyPlugson and many use legacy and uefi tabs. It is a great tool!

Showing active tabs would be nice but still not easy to understand how sections work.

Maybe if both xxx and xxx_yyy tabs are active, then page should tell user - e.g.

and on xxx page (e.g. control page) - print information
(e.g. if legacy and uefi sections exist):
ACTIVE FOR: ia32, aa64, mips
or if all xxx_yyy sections present 'INACTIVE'

and on xxx_yyy pages
SETTINGS ACTIVE (control PAGE SETTINGS WILL BE IGNORED)           (display on any page where xxx_yyy section exists)
or if no xxx_yyy then on xxx_yyy page:
NO SETTINGS DEFINED (control PAGE SETTINGS WILL BE USED)           (display on any page where xxx_yyy section does not exist)

if you don't want to use, say, control_uefi you have to search for all non-default settings on the control_uefi page and then reset them to make the control_uefi section inactive. It would be nice to be able to delete all control_uefi  (xxx_yyy) settings - e.g. add button to clear all settings (make inactive) on each xxx_yyy page.


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