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Driver not loading after injection plugin.
Need some help to figure out why after injecting a wireless network driver into WinPe Strelec or any other WinPE, the driver is not loaded with WinPe.

            "parent": "/iso/WinPE",
            "archive": "/iso/WinPE/winpe_injection.7z"

 Path: X\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\netrtwlanu.inf_amd64_e1edde747721ea78

Any ideas ?

Injection plugin only put the driver files into the WinPE environment. Just put the files there and that's all.
Injection plugin is not responsible for loading the driver.
Hi longpanda

If the VentoyAutoRun.bat file is ran before PECMD starts, wouldn't then all drivers located in the path of X\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\ be loaded during the winpe startup, including injected driver?

Maybe someone else wants to try and see if this works for them with strelec winpe. 
VentoyAutoRun.bat is ran before PECMD, you can check PECMD logfile to see why it didn't load the driver you injected and did load other drivers in the same directory.
I'm not familar with PECMD so can not help more. Maybe you can directly load the driver in VentoyAutoRun.bat.
Thank you.

I am not too familiar with PECMD either. 
Quote:Maybe you can directly load the driver in VentoyAutoRun.bat.

That I can try.


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