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mod Ventoy (Design ventoy ventoy 1.0.79)
1. For the beginners. I made a blank for a flash drive. With folders, dummy images, themes.
The following structure:
  Instead of images of a stub (I took a text document and changed its name. And changed the extension to "iso"). I wrote "ventoy.json" for this blank.

To understand how to make your own theme, I downloaded random 7 themes from the site Changed them for "ventoy". The originals can be downloaded from the link themes.7z and compared with what happened. Download the archive Unpack it. Update or install "ventoy" using the file - "Ventoy2Disk.exe" .

  There are two "ISO" and "ventoy" directories in the "ventoy-mod_1.0.79/plugin" directory. Copy them to your USB flash drive. See how the flash drive works. You should get the following: video of the menu operation see. Add/replace your images in the ISO folder. Edit the ventoy file.json for your images, themes, icons...In the MS Windows I recommend an editing program - "notepad++".

2. Added support for .pf2 font files. You can immediately see how the labels will look. After restarting the flash drive, the font will fly off. Therefore, the font you like should be added to "ventoy.json" with its path name:
"theme": {...
"fonts": ["/ISO/fonts/terminus-18.pf2"] },

3. Added the cat2 module. Displays pages of at least 40 lines. And no more than 65 pages. Pages are flipped up/down with the buttons - [PageUp]/[PageDown]. If the page does not fit on the screen, then you can scroll through it line by line with the buttons - [↑]/[↓] or 10 lines each with the buttons - [←]/[→]. To exit, press - [Esc]. To change the encoding "utf-8"/"windows-cp1251" (Cyrillic), press - [e]. To change the display mode with or without a line number, press - [m].

video see 2

 Download ventoy-mod_1.0.79-linux.tar.gz  ventoy-mod_1.0.79-livecd.iso

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