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"Out Of Memory" weirdness after changing the brand of the RAM (same size - 32gb)
I've booted "systemrescue-9.03-amd64.iso" many times with no problem on my Asus Rog Laptop.

I just changed the RAM (same size - just faster Ripjaws CL34 instead of stock CL40).  For what it is worth, the ram works fine, but not at the advertised speed (motherboard has no options to set CL, and seems to use old speeds instead... but I digress).

Since changing the RAM, I can no longer boot systemrescue-9.03-amd64.iso (I *can* boot a 32gb "dd" image of windows recovery - just not the iso) - it reports an out-of-memory problem, and returns to the ventoy menu.

How the brand of RAM might make any difference here I have no idea.

I created a whole new Ventoy USB and tried again (same problem).

If I change back to the old ram, I'll return here and let you know if it now works again.

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