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Ventoy on Easy OS
The new Linux distro experimental EasyOS can not be launched using Ventoy.  Here`s the feedback of the creator of Easy OS:

Quote:"What jumps out immediately in that photo is "mnt/zram0".

It seems that you haven't told the kernel where easy.sfs is.
From the photo, it has found initrd, but not easy.sfs.
The three files, vmlinuz, initrd and easy.sfs should all be together.
The kernel will use these parameters to find easy.sfs: specified on the kernel commandline, with "wkg_uuid=" and "wkg_dir=" parameters.
Instead of wkg_uuid, you could use "wkg_label=" or "wkg_dev="
In the latter case, if the working-partition is /dev/sdb2, then use "wkg_dev=sdb2".

But if you are booting from usb, then the drive letters may change, so best to use filesystem uuid or label.

So whatever bootloader you are using, you have specified where initrd is, but have not told the kernel where the ext4 working partition is (and where to find easy.sfs)."

I hope you can correct this in your next version...

Thanks and best regards.

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