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How to make your own Theme for a non linux user
I have Dozens of Iso's on my External ventoy SSD.
And the Menu looks crap and is hard to sort through and therefore takes time.
So i need help in creating a Decent Menu.
I am a Die Hard Windows User.
I have used linux a bit but I get lost very easy.
Can someone help me with info about building a menu using windows 10.
And then Transferring it over to the Ventoy SSD
Just use F2 Treeview mode and put your files into different folders. You can set this in the ventoy.json config file.

for themes, see

or get grub2 themes and modify them.

One theme shows 20 entries per screen...

or get my eBook ;-)
look at the topic  mod Ventoy (Design ventoy ventoy 1.0.79)   1 item .
Video help in creating a flash drive from the very beginning. An example of adding a working image "grubfm_multiarch.iso" instead of a stub.
video help

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