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why r-partition not visible in filemanager or gparted
Hello forum

tried to install Ventoy with "reserve disk space" .  

- after installing Ventoy with the -r option under Linux, I can't find this new partition and gparted does not report/see this partiton as well

- same thing under Windows (under Windows I dedicated 16GB as reserve disk space) and this is reflected in the
  Windows Filemanager (41,6GB free (of 64GB) )

Why I can't see the Reserve partiton?

Thank's a lot for any feedback!


$ sudo ./ -r 8124 -i /dev/sdd

      Ventoy: 1.0.77  x86_64

Disk : /dev/sdd
Model: Kingston DataTraveler 3.0 (scsi)
Size : 57 GB
Style: MBR

You will reserve 8124 MB disk space

You will install Ventoy to /dev/sdd.
All the data on the disk /dev/sdd will be lost!!!

Continue? (y/n) y

All the data on the disk /dev/sdd will be lost!!!
Double-check. Continue? (y/n) y

Create partitions on /dev/sdd by parted in MBR style ...
Wait for partitions ...
partition exist OK
create efi fat fs /dev/sdd2 ...
mkfs.fat 4.1 (2017-01-24)
Wait for partitions ...
Wait for /dev/sdd1//dev/sdd2 ...
/dev/sdd1 exist OK
/dev/sdd2 exist OK
partition exist OK
Format partition 1 /dev/sdd1 ...
mkexfatfs 1.3.0
Creating... done.
Flushing... done.
File system created successfully.
mkexfatfs success
writing data to disk ...
sync data ...
esp partition processing ...

Install Ventoy to /dev/sdd successfully finished
Ventoy only create 2 partitions when install.
The free space is just free space, there is no partition created on the free space.
If you want you need to create a partition on the free space by yourself.
In Windows disk manager you just see the unallocted free space as follows but it is not a partition.
Thank's longpanda, it does work great!


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