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Add drivers for Windows unattended install?
Well, you can inject the drivers into the winPE OS by adding a zip file which contains the drivers so that they appear in the correct folder. I am not sure but I think they would need to be in DriverStore folders so your .zip file would have the same folder structure.

As for the installed OS - you would need to avoid running Setup.exe and use the WinPE environment and a .cmd file to install from one of the images in the install.wim (after partitioning and formatting the disk) and then copy over the drivers or use a DISM command to add in offline drivers.
Or you could use WinntSetup.exe to do the (scripted or GUI) install with drivers.
You can load an XML file using Ventoy and the XML file could contain a RunSychronous entry to start the install script or use the VentoyAutoRun.bat file which is inside your zip file. See

The same script could install the WinPE drivers from the extracted folders in the X: drive if WinPE did not automatically use them from the DriverStore folder.

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