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Unable to boot a VHD of medicat with Ventoy 1.77
(08-03-2022, 07:24 PM)Steve2926 Wrote: I have found that you can Legacy boot to the Medicat VHD .img file using grub4dos

1. Download the grub4dos  grub.exe file and copy it to your Ventoy disk - root!AqlrQcdsFA-K8RZX0B4P...H?e=vwNo1b
2. Add the following lines to the \ventoy\ventoy_grub.cfg file (make one if it does not exist)

if [ "${grub_platform}_${grub_cpu}" = "pc_i386" ]; then

menuentry "Run Medicat using grub4dos (Legacy)" --class=custom {
set root=${vtoydev},1
set mycmd="map --heads=0 --sectors-per-track=0 (hd0,0)/Medicat.img (hd) ;; map --hook ;; rootnoverify (hd-1) ;; chainloader +1 ;; ls / ;; boot";
# line below must not exceed 255 chars when expanded
linux /grub.exe --config-file=${mycmd};


The Medicat.img file should also be contiguous - use Defraggler to defrag it.

Legacy boot to Ventoy and Press F6 for the extended menu.

The following Medicat payloads have problems:
RescueZilla - FAILS
BootIt Bare Metal - use F1  - end name with _VTMEMDISK.iso
Boot Repair Disk - FAILS
Rescatux - FAILS
Super Grub Disk - FAILS
Ultimate Boot CD - some linux ISOs fail
System Rescue -  use F1  - end name with _VTMEMDISK.iso
Parted Magic - FAILS

Extract and copy the ISO files to the Ventoy USB disk if you need them!
Thank you, but boot failed

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