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json autoinstall parent not working - VentoyPlugson bug?
Parent entry does not seem to work - so I added second image entry and that works.
But just single Parent entry does not seem to prompt user to select XML
Only the second entry seems to work. If I delete the image entry in VentoyPlugson, then I am not prompted to select an XML file.
v1.0.77 Legacy MBR USB disk.

            "parent": "/_ISO/WINDOWS/WIN10/",
            "image": "/_ISO/WINDOWS/WIN10/Windows10_21H1_UK64.iso",

I found problem!
VentoyPlugson allows \ placed at end of the path
If I make path "parent": "/_ISO/WINDOWS/WIN10",
it is OK

Bug in Ventoyplugson?
VentoyPlugson can be improved to auto remove the end \

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