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RESOLVED - Hiren Boot CD 15.2 not booting properly
Good day all,

Occassionally I need to use a very old .iso called Hiren Boot CD 15.2. It is based on the Windows XP OS and comes with a bunch of easy to use fixes (the one I use the most is the HDC Fix option).

I believe you can still download it (even though the PE version is replacing it) here -

My issue: Using Ventoy it boots into the portable Win XP, but none of the programs or scripts, etc are available.
However if I use an alternative portable USB creator like YUMI it works fine. Boots and all programs are available.

@ventoy - can you please fix this?

If needed I can make some screenshots. 

Steven Swarts
Ventoy does not support Windows XP.
Ventoy only support since Windows 7+.
Ah that makes sense. Thank you for your quick reply.

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