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Ventoy + MSI B550 A-Pro = Corrupts UEFI Language
Okay, so here's an update ... when the AA1 BIOS for this board was published, it was in Beta. Some time after, MSI took the BIOS out of Beta and the assumption there was they just renamed the BIOS file by changing the 1 into a 0 since the build date is the same. Out of curiosity last night, I downloaded that BIOS update and compared it with the BETA version using an MD5 tool. The hashes did NOT match. Same build date and all. But no way to tell which BIOS really supersedes the other because MSI engineers just don't think a detailed changelog explaining the differences and what was fixed in between is sufficient. That's bad form. Even the most mundane bugs, incompatibilities, and fixes should be documented ...

So moments ago, I updated my BETA BIOS with this Release BIOS, and after the CMOS was automatically cleared, I only enabled XMP, POST Beep, and Wake Events for USB and PS2. Saved. Rebooted. Went back into BIOS to verify XMP was working, inserted my Ventoy stick, and rebooted to see if the language corruption bug happened. It did not. With the Ventoy stick inserted at 96% BIOS defaults, the language is unaffected. This does NOT mean the problem is solved, per se. It means that a specific setting or combination of settings triggered this bug in the BETA and could still be present in the release and now I've gotta go back and narrow them down. 

Here's the shortlist to the best of my memory:

XHCI was Disabled. (Currently Enabled)
Hot Plug for all SATA was Enabled. (Currently Disabled)
PCI Gen for M.2 slots was set to Gen4/Gen3 respectively (Currently Auto)

I had these settings in the BETA because it seemed to help my Elecom USB Trackball be more responsive.
I'll monitor its behavior today and try to trigger the language corruption bug again by reverting my settings one by one ...

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