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Ventoy + MSI B550 A-Pro = Corrupts UEFI Language
Nope, but I also didn't have Secure Boot enabled in my BIOS nor on the Ventoy stick. I doubt that would matter much as I'm sure something else is triggering the language corruption. Never seen it happen on previous versions of Ventoy. When I first bought the B550 A-Pro last October, I also started using Ventoy because YUMI was becoming unreliable. At that time, Ventoy's Secure Boot wasn't compatible with this board and there was no way I could get it to boot to the MOK Manager to enroll the key. Since then, Ventoy development improved and MSI released three more BIOS updates so I don't I could give you an exact point where the incompatibility issue was resolved to the point where enrolling the key was possible or even if Ventoy's the culprit here.

I have a spare USB stick to experiment with. I'll try previous versions of Ventoy to see if I can track down where this language corruption issue first cropped up and get back with you.

UPDATE: The problem appears as far back as ...  Cry  I've installed two BIOS updates since then ...  Dodgy  I was on the December BIOS (7C56vA8) when I first tried to enroll the Secure Boot key to no avail. No language corruption back then. I was on the March BIOS (7C56vA9) when I bought two 32GB USB 3.1 Lexar jump drives -- 1 for YUMI, 1 for Ventoy -- and didn't have the language corruption there, either. Those flash drives passed all my tests. Also, my YUMI stick and my Windows 11 Install USB (created with Rufus) doesn't cause language corruption. This is limited to Ventoy and the two most recent BIOS updates from MSI ... 

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RE: Ventoy + MSI B550 A-Pro = Corrupts UEFI Language - by BatRastard - 06-14-2022, 01:20 PM

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