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Installing Ventoy on SSD in External Enclosure

I believe I've followed the directions for the install correctly. I have a 120GB SSD I put into an external enclosure. I ran Ventoy2disk to install it on the SSD and I copied a couple ISOs to the open partition. I tried a laptop with Secure boot on and off and the computer doesn't detect the drive. I had a 4GB USB stick spare and installed Ventoy and it boots fine.

Is this just an issue with the computer not detecting my SSD in the external cage or am I missing a setting on the install to the SSD? Thank you for your assistance!
Just use other tools(e.g. Rufus) to write an ISO file directly to the same SSD and boot it.
If it can boot OK then it's Ventoy problem, if not then it's the computer problem.
I goofed, the computer wasn't recognizing the USB drive. I had to change the BIOS to legacy mode for it to see it. Thanks for the help Smile

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