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Problem with EasyOS
It's different between writing the Easy.img to the USB to boot and boot Easy.img from Ventoy USB.

When you write Easy.img to an USB stick (e.g. 16GB) by Rufus/Etcher and boot it.
Easy OS knows that it's booted from an normal device for example /dev/sdb which is just the USB stick.
Then the /dev/sdb device is avaliable to Easy OS and Easy OS can use all the space(16GB ) of /dev/sdb in theory.
So at the first boot time, Easy OS will try to expand its partition to occupy more space for use.
It's OK because it can use all the 16GB USB space in theory.

When you boot Easy.img from Ventoy it's different.
Ventoy will create a device-mapper (e.g. /dev/dm-0) according to the physical location of  the IMG file.
So Easy OS only knows that it is booted from a device for example /dev/dm-0 which is actually the Easy.IMG file itself, and it can only use the space in the device.
Alough Easy OS can see the /dev/sdb device, but it can not use it because it't not the root device. (Let's imagine that what will happen if it uses /dev/sdb? Of cause it will destroy other ISO/IMG files in the Ventoy USB.)

By default there is very little free space inside the Easy.IMG so there is no more free space for Easy OS to use to expand its partition at the first boot time.
So you will get the NO SPACE error.

It's easy to solve the problem, just expand the size of Easy.IMG and copy the new IMG file to Ventoy and boot it.
You can just append some data to the end of Easy.IMG file as follows:
dd if=/dev/zero bs=1M count=4096 >> Easy.img

Hope the author of Easy OS can preserve enough free space inside the IMG file  for minimum usage scenario when building it.
Some other IMG file did this.

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