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Linux vDisk Boot Plugin: Automatically Run Script On Shutdown/Restart
There are ways to add shutdown/restart tasks to be executed before a linux machine is shutdown. This is useful for having the script running automatically before every shutdown to ensure you can boot back up into the Linux vDisk after updates that the user may not be aware of. Distros like Linux Mint allow for automatic updates to happen in the background and if an update break the booting into the vDisk without the user knowing, having the script execute before shutdown will prevent this.

I would suggest having the vtoyboot as a package which can be easily installed and updated within the vDisk distro. I would recommend maintaining it on the AUR and Pacstall to ensure users can get the latest versions installed and to be able to install it on most or any distribution. For other distros, the current vtoyboot script will be needed but having a package which on the AUR and Pacstall will allow for updates and to ensure it will run vtoyboot on every shutdown and restart.

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