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Linux vDisk Plugin: Manjaro screen turns yellow
I installed Manjaro as a vDisk on my Ventoy drive and was able to boot it up and all was working well, I created a few new files and installed a few new apps. I then restarted Manjaro and ever since them the entire screen has a strong tint of yellow. So strong I can barely see the screen and had trouble shutting it down, logging in, using the distro.

I tried rebooting into Manjaro again and I still get this yellow screen. Has anyone else had this issue?
Maybe some thing about the graphics card driver.
When you install manjaro in a VM, it will not install the graphics card driver because there is no such card in the VM environment.
So try to install the driver manually in the VM before
I tried it again with Manjaro and Arch and it seems to be no more yellowing at all. Did not do anything different.

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