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【★★★ Ventoy Subscription Service (Ventoy 订阅服务) ★★★】
Ventoy is an open source software under GPLv3 license.
But Ventoy project need to pay for the server hosting, domain name, bandwidth, many USB sticks for test, large capacity of HDD (for downloading ISO files) and so on.
For the better and sustainable development of Ventoy, I provide the subscription service.

Please refer for details.

Ventoy 是一款开源免费的软件(使用 GPLv3 许可证)。
但是 Ventoy 项目需要一定的支出,包括服务器托管、域名、带宽(海外)、QQ/网盘年费、大量的测试U盘、大容量硬盘(下载各类ISO文件)等等。
为了 Ventoy 能够更好的、可持续的发展,特推出了此订阅服务。

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【★★★ Ventoy Subscription Service (Ventoy 订阅服务) ★★★】 - by longpanda - 03-25-2022, 05:12 PM

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