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Ventoy 1.0.7 and file system exFat errors
I checked several ISO LinuxMint images, when I exit Live mode, it is suggested to take out the flash drive and press Enter, and I do so, then I load into Windows 10 x64, insert the same flash drive, and a window appears with a notification that the flash drive is damaged and errors need to be fixed, I fix it, and this notification no longer appears. But why does it appear at all? After downloading these ISO images, this notification appears:



After downloading these ISO images, the notification does not appear and there are no errors on the flash drive:



Starting with version 20 of Cinnamon, flash drive errors occur.
Moreover, if you write linuxmint-20.3-cinnamon-64bit.iso, it through Rufus 3.17, then there are no errors.
All ISO images are checked with a checksum on the official website, and were downloaded from there. In addition, there are other ISO images on the flash drive, these are utilities and others. All are loaded without problems. When pulling out and inserting the flash drive later into the working system, no errors occur.

After long checks, changing flash drives, ports, that's what we managed to find out. If you boot from a flash drive with Ventoy, and specify the ISO image as the ISO image that is on the HDD (I'm trying on this linuxmint-20.3-cinnamon-64bit.iso ), then there are no errors, but if the ISO image is selected from another connected flash drive, then errors occur on the flash drive where it is located. As a result, there is a suspicion that errors occur due to the file system of the exFAT flash drive (I tried to reformat it with Windows tools, it did not give results). Then I decided to try the same operations with NTFS, Fat32 file systems with the same ISO image. As a result, there were no errors when reconnecting the flash drive.

There is an assumption that the exFAT file system is not the best choice. Is it possible to add an option in which the user himself will choose which file system the partition will be formatted to accommodate ISO images?

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