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Is there a way to avoid having execute permissions added automatically to files?
Hello there. I noticed when I put files on a Ventoy drive that execution permissions get added to Owner, Group and Other (chmod a+x). I tried using the -r option when running and then created a separate partition with the remaining space on the drive, but execute permissions were still added to files when copied there. Is there a way to add regular files (non .iso / .img) to a Ventoy drive without having execution permissions added automatically?
I don't think it's a Ventoy issue. You can make a test:
1. use dd or parted or gparted to fully clear the USB (remove Ventoy completely)
2. Create a partition in the USB as you did with the Ventoy reserved space
3. copy files as you did
To check that whether this time the files have execute permissions or not.
You are correct sir! I thought it was Ventoy but it's any exFAT USB device on Linux it would seem.

Quote:FAT / FAT32 formatted drives don't support file permissions. The permissions for everything are determined by how the drive is mounted.

Sorry for the confusion and thank for the response. And thank you very, very much for the amazing Ventoy!  Big Grin

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