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[SOLVED] Unable to boot into UEFI
I had version 1.51 installed on my USB flash drive.

And I could boot into my system with the parameters in the LEGACY-UEFI bios, both in BIOS mode and in UEFI mode. 
I have updated the program to version 1.63. 
And now my computer cannot boot into UEFI.  
What did I do wrong ?
[Image: 8dc06ba9e592b64794169690a1e44152.png]
[Image: 0b2088e43f61e09c4c8b04c947f53bc0.png]
[Image: 67da9877b118053d9ab06222bb95112e.png]
[Image: 7da8ba6793e65d5e6a0a0d450876cf0b.png]
So now you don't need to mark Secure Boot in the settings ?
[Image: b78ab19c209bd4f1e97766b0aed68a60.png]
1. If you don't mark secure boot option here, you must also disable secure boot option in your BIOS.

2. If you mark secure boot option here, you will get the blue screen for the first boot time and you must follow the instuctions here:
Thanks. It 's decided !

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