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What's the matter?
Install ventoy on a blank usb.

Apply the following theme to the ventoy.json file.
"theme": {
"serial_param":"--unit=0 --speed=9600",
"file": [

You can download the theme from the link above.

Open theme.txt inside the theme file

item_icon_space = 1
icon_height = 1
icon_width = 1

Change 1s in 3 places to 0s.

After booting, press F5 and press Enter in the menu such as resolution or graphics.

An error message pops up.
I can reproduce the issue now.
But I test 1.0.54/1.0.55/1.0.56/1.0.57, all of them has this issue.
So I think it's an original grub2 issue and exist in all Ventoy release when you set the 3 properties to 0.
So you can not set them to 0.

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When 1 is set, some menu lists have menus represented by small dots.

So I applied 0 and the problem occurred after that.
Whether the display is normal without caring about this problem?
The display is ok.
OK, let's confirm that:

1. You said before that there is no problem util 1.0.55. It's wrong. All ventoy releases have this issue, right?
2. This problem only display an error message and after that the display is OK, right?

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