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Auto-grub2/wim/compatible settings?
Some payloads only work if we use  ctrl-i, ctrl-w or ctrl-r in certain modes (Legacy\UEFI) or we use F7 text mode.

How can we configure ventoy.json to run them correctly (like auto MemDisk mode plugin)?
ctrl+i is only for debug and can not be used to boot a standard Windows/Linux ISO.
ctrl+w/ctrl+r are alternative, they are used only when the user has problem when they directly boot the ISO files.
These problem normally caused by buggy BIOS/UEFI firmware.
Currently there is no method to configuration to auto boot in WIMBOOT/GRUB2 mode.
Maybe in the future release, I can expand the auto_memdisk plugin to a auto_bootmode plugin, and for each image user can set  memdisk/wimboot/grub2 .

For current release, if someone has a computer with such buggy BIOS/UEFI firmware, 
they can use menu_tip plugin to give them a tip (e.g. "Hey, this ISO file need ctrl+w !") before they boot some iso files. 

F7 is also an alternative and not work all the time, no plan to make a auto F7 mode. I suggest to change default to TEXT mode by theme plugin if needed.

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