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WinPE 32bit UEFI
Hello, I am currently getting an issue booting 32 bit UEFI WinPE which has been created using the Windows 10 AIK from microsoft.

I can boot to UEFI using a 64 bit Win PE ISO created from the Windows 10 AIK but 32 bit UEFI doesn't boot, I get the message No boot file found for bootx64.efi

I checked the EFI boot folder for the 32 bit ISO and it has a file called bootia32.efi.

Please advise on this issue. Thank you.
32 Bit Windows only support IA32 UEFI which only exist on some tablet with Intel Atom processor.
Your computer is obviously x86_64 UEFI not IA32 UEFI. So you can not boot it in your computer.
For your computer you can only use 64bit Windows.
If you still want to use 32Bit Windows, you can change your BIOS from UEFI mode to Legacy BIOS mode.

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