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Partition 3 works... sometimes
(10-02-2021, 08:09 AM)Steve2926 Wrote: As for the other issue of 'The other problem that I run into, is that I often want to copy the iso files around, but they're on the first partition which isn't useful... there may be 5 or 10 ISOs (I love Ventoy!) but I can't read any of them'  - what do you mean exactly? Describe step-by-step how someone can reproduce this.

  1. Create a Ventoy USB Drive (any settings - it doesn't matter)
  2. Copy two ISO files onto the first partition as normal (let's say Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04). 
  3. Also create text file named HelpGettingStartedWithUbuntu.txt and copy that the first partition as well.
  4. Boot Ubuntu 18 from the Vendoy USB drive you just created.
  5. Attempt to read or see any of the files on that same Ventoy USB Partition
    • I cannot read (or see) the HelpGettingStartedWithUbuntu.txt file (this probably makes the most sense)
    • I cannot copy it to the Ubuntu 18 Desktop that I just booted into
    • I cannot read or copy Ubuntu 20.04 (Like if I I wanted to copy to another USB drive
  6. Create a notes.txt file on the Desktop
  7. Save the notes.txt file to the USB drive (first partition) for future reference (we would have a place for this if we reserved space and formatted the third partition)
    • I cannot save to the first partition ?because it's running?
Basically I want to read and write to the first partition the way that I can with the reserved space in the third partition... without the need for the third partition.  That would solve the previous problem with some versions of windows not seeing more than one partition.  I could copy notes to and from the first partition in windows and linux, even if I was currently botted from the first partition.  Maybe there is some magic mount command that does this? Big Grin If I could do that I wouldn't need to reserve space (and guess how much) for another partition (ok with the possible exception of the use case of encryption).

Does that make sense?  I don't think it's possible - just wishful thinking.   I love Ventoy.

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