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[SOLVED] Windows 32 bit ISO won't boot
I have Ventoy 1.0.51 installed. I tried to boot Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 32bit ISO. None of them could boot. I have even downloaded latest Windows 10 ISO 21H1, same.

All the error message is:

No bootfile found for UEFI!
Maybe the image does not support X64 UEFI!
32Bit Windows ONLY support IA32 UEFI (only some machine with atom intel processor)
From the tip we known that your computer is obviously not such machine with IA32 UEFI, your computer is common x86_64 UEFI.
So if you want to boot 32bit Windows in your computer, you must change the boot mode from UEFI mode to legacy BIOS mode in the BIOS.
Yes, after changed to legacy BIOS mode, it works. Thanks!

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