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Emergency Boot Kit ISO not working
After test, I find ventoy has a bug  when do hook for this iso file.
But actually this iso file is a selfcontain LiveCD, so there is no need to do hook for it.
So you can press Ctrl+i to enter Compatible Mode and boot it.
I will add some check for this distro and auto enable compatible mode for it in the next release.

BTW, I run the .exe and get .iso file with size 62089216 which is multiple of 2048 and I don't get the warning message with Ventoy.
So I don't know why the .iso file size is 62089608 in your environment.

[root@HOST kk]#
[root@HOST kk]# ls -l embootkit-1.6n-demo.iso
-rwxr--r-- 1 root root 62089216 Aug 31  2021 embootkit-1.6n-demo.iso
[root@HOST kk]# sha256sum embootkit-1.6n-demo.iso
5367716104a83f36015ac2a803f618c36ac3e24c7340fbd3d9340950055a7869  embootkit-1.6n-demo.iso
[root@HOST kk]#

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