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Incorrect ISO work
Run most ISO files (Acronis Data Protection, MiniTool Partition Wizard, OS Instaler Windows 7) and other in graphics mode does not work.
Stripes and resolution issues are visible on the screen after launch.
But if you run Ventoy in text mode all work corect.
If you change the screen resolution (in graphics mode) and color depth, the ISO will still not start.
What am I doing wrong and how can I fix it?

P.S. If we run Ventoy (graphical mode) in a virtual test machine (QemuBootTester) everything works fine. The error only occurs on all (many) physical machines.
This is a very old problem (see HERE)... my version turned out to be BiOS related (4th gen HP Prodesk machine), could not fix. Since my System hardware configuration was unique and consistently failed, I offered my System as an ALPHA test environment... developer chose not to pursue.
I would like to note that there were no such problems in the graphical menu in the Grub4dos project. The dignity (advantage, benefit) of Ventoy in the graphical menu, without it the dignity (advantage, benefit) is much lower.
Is it possible to add an option / key to the settings file (ventoy.json) to run the iso file in text mode (first transfer to text mode, then launch)? This will help to avoid many problems with the permission and launch of programs. In fact, this will be done automatically and not manually via F5. The key can be applied to some (capricious) iso files.

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