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MX-Linux Persistance Only AFTER Boot ?
I asked the following on the MX-Linux forum:
I can now successfully create a bootable Ventoy customized MX-Linux iso.
However, when I add the Ventoy "backend" persistence configuration, it
boots into an UN-customized instance!
Is there some option to boot skipping the persistence (until shutdown,
that is) ??

MX-Linux user 'fehlix' replied...
Justed booted up a couple of month older ventoy stick. ISTM, they
somehow have "hardcoded" the persistence option, without a way for the
user to choose whether persistence to use or not, when choosing ventoy's
persistence "backend". So I tend to agree with JayM that's rather a
ventoy issue, b/c they tweaked internal MX LiveUSB options, which was
always meant to allow the user to choose. In the way they done it (as I
see it), you can use the ventoy persistence "backend" but have not an
option to finetune. That might also be the reason why you see the
"vanilla" Live System without your data, b/c the missed to offer to the
user to copy over the saved persistence data (under/home) from the
compressed linuxfs file into the new persistence file.

Does this make sense?
Is there any way around this?


What's the difference between customized MX-Linux and official MX-Linux?
You offer a backend persistence file to the ISO file but you don't want to use persistence feature?
My "customized" MX is basically a system that has been running for awhile. I've added applications, tuned features, etc., etc. It's just an "aged" ISO.
However, from fehlix's comments, it appears that the boot process is different with/without the persistence file.
Boot with none, and I get my "aged" ISO.
Boot with persistence (but empty!) I get a different setup: A basic linux kernel, but none of my additions/
So, is there any way to either 1) add the persistence after booting, or 2) inform the boot process to ignore the
persistence file until after boot completes?
These are the 2 things I can think of, so far....
Can you give such a customized MX iso for test?
Gladly: I've emailed you a link.
What I understand:
That is a remastered/customized ISO made using the MX tools.
He's saying, if he uses ventoy persistence, he loses the customizations and default live session is presented.
Nice to see MX forum members here, welcome!
agnivo007 -
You are correct, sir!
And it's nice to be here:
I've been so focused on this situation, that I neglected to praise everyone --
Ventoy is fantastic, as is MX-Linux.
I'm an old, retired main-frame systems programmer, who transitioned to pcs as
their prominence rose. Now I just fiddle around for fun, and help friends & family
with their pcs. I of course have differnet bootable utilities, which is where Ventoy
comes in, naturally.
And since linux is the backbone/workhorse of the the internet, I dabble!
Thanks for the welcome.
(06-09-2021, 03:48 PM)PaulJayD Wrote: Gladly: I've emailed you a link.

Sorry, I haven't recived the mail. You can PM me in the forums.
I've PM'd you the link.

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