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When will FreeBSD and Illumos support be out?
I have Ventoy installed on an 59GiB microSD, also with FreeBSD 14-CURRENT and 13-STABLE, OpenIndiana, and Tribblix inside the Ventoy exFAT
But those all seem to be outside the Ventoy awareness ... Will the Ventoy team add those in your next releases?
FreeBSD 14-CURRENT is not support, 13-STABLE is supported. But I suggest to test it on a normal USB key, not a microSD firstly.
OpenIndian and Tribblix are based on OpenSolaris and are not supported and will NO be supported in the near future.

The distros supported by Ventoy are listed here:
Can I understand why OpenIndiana will not be supported? OpenIndiana, OmniOS and Tribblix is no longer based on OpenSolaris but illumos, which is open source (it's an open source fork of OpenSolaris after Oracle screwed everyone over). They also offer a live desktop mode. I feel that supporting them would be an advantage to Ventoy.

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