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Why won't Ventoy boot a Microsoft Windows 10 ISO file?
(05-11-2021, 08:37 AM)Steve2926 Wrote: There indeed may be an incompatibility somewhere. But it could be due to many things.
1. Arrangement of files on Partition 1 and filesystem format, fragmentation of ISO file on USB drive, start position of file, size of ISO
2. Type of filesystem on partition 1 (exFAT or NTFS)
3. Firmware - does same USB drive work on different computers (UEFI64 boot)?
4. ISO - if the new 'bad' ISO fails using a completely different type of computer, a completely different USB drive, both NTFS and exFAT partition 1 (freshly formatted), then it points to a bug in the MS ISO itself (unlikely).

So, I would (after checking for NUC BIOS update and retesting)
1. Test the same Ventoy USB drive and ISO file on different systems
2. Defragment all files on the USB drive and make all files contiguous - re-test on all systems (use Defraggler or WinContig)
3. Reformat partition 1 as NTFS, copy the 'bad' ISO on and test again - test on all systems available
4. repeat 3 but use exFAT
5. Try same ISO using a different USB multiboot solution - e.g. Easy2Boot which also uses grub2, WinSetupFromUSB which uses bootmgr (should work), SARDU, etc.
I don't believe the problem is related with file system or fragmentation, I tried the same ISO on another system and it works.
It's not a big deal because for instance Rufus is working, I may also try Easy2Boot (thanks for the suggestion).
Perhaps Longpanda is watching this comments and can better understand what could be the cause of incompatibility.

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