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Why won't Ventoy boot a Microsoft Windows 10 ISO file?
(05-10-2021, 12:18 PM)FroggieTheGremlin Wrote: In an MBR-Legacy BOOT configuration, the MBR (or EMBR if used) directs the System as to where to go for BOOTing.  In a normal System MBR configuration it is directed to the ACTIVE partition for BOOTing... but it may be directed anywhere by the MBR BOOT code, including an EFI partition located anywhere on that disk.

Steve is correct, the BOOT code used for MBR Systems is actually located in Partition #2, the EFI partition, which is fine... it can be anywhere the MBR BOOT code directs it to be.  Longpanda has chosen to use the same partition for BOOTing regardless of whether the System is MBR-Legacy or UEFI-GPT configured... there's no problem with this that I know of.

Yes of course, I know all that, the MBR directs the system to the active partition (normally), what I meant is that you don't need an EFI partition when you do a MBR boot, in the particular case of Ventoy, the "active" partition is the EFI partition, but that's a particular case. I spoke about the general process, and there you don't need a EFI partition, in fact before someone invented EFI, that was how systems (PCs) booted.
When you do a UEFI boot you are looking for .efi file on the EFI partition, on the MBR boot you act differently, although it's not clear in Ventoy's case how it proceeds, I suppose it follows a different method related to grub, for sure it does not depend on the EFI folder because Ventoy (in legacy mode) still works even with no EFI folder.
Anyway, independently of this, newest Windows 10 ISOs, do not work properly in the NUC system with Ventoy, in my last post I said the NUC was the culprit, but I should better say that there is a incompatibility between the NUC booting in UEFI mode and Ventoy when we use a recent Windows 10 ISO, perhaps Ventoy is not working in this scenario, in fact the creator of the tool didn't said it would work with all ISOs.

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