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Change Ventoy system partition size
I'm using the same usb Key with PC windows XP to 10, Pc Linux, Mac and android 6 to 9.
android 6 can't find my exFat partition, only fat partition be seen. but There some apk to make it detected (paragon exfat/ntfs) and drivers for old windows
The Fat partition is too small to copy drivers, apk and file explorer compatible.
so my question : is there a way to make partition size larger to copy exFat driver and file explorer compatible on Fat partition ?

Thanks for answers !
Best regards
If you mean the first partition, you can freely reformat it to NTFS and resize it (as long as you keep the structure detailed in or

The second partition can't really be touched (at least starting with v1.0.28) or else Ventoy will fail to boot with an unsupported error message.
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The FAT partition (partition 2 with label VTOYEFI) is 32MB size and can NOT be changed.
You can reserver some space and create partition 3/partition 4 with the size you want.

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