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Start up boot
(04-14-2021, 09:31 AM)longpanda Wrote: The NTFS warning is fixed in this CI release:

All the modifications will be included in the next 1.0.41 release.

Thank you very much: all problems are now solved!

About your hidden Easter egg in the source code, I spent a lot of time searching every file in the Ventoy partition without finding anything! It's really well hidden, I think it's hidden in one of those :
- ventoy_x86.cpio
- vtloopex.cpio
- ventoy_efiboot.img.xz
- ventoy_mips64.cpio
- ventoy_unix.cpio
- dragonfly.mfs.xz
- ventoy.cpio
- ventoy_arm64.cpio
One day, will you tell us where the piece of code is hidden in the source code that encodes the Ventoy information?
Maybe one day

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