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Support for Floppy Disk Images
You can add Easy2Boot to a Ventoy disk for legacy ima file booting as a floppy drive.

It supports various ways to boot by changing the file extension

.imgfd, .ima, .imafd, .imgmem, .img.gz, .ima.gz, .imagzmem, .gzfd, .imamem, .imgmemfd, .imgfd – These will all cause the file to be loaded into memory and to be mapped as a floppy disk image.
.imarw – loads file as fd0 but not into memory – this means you can change the contents of the ‘floppy’ when you boot to it and the changes will be persistent (v1.54+) – i.e. the file contents may be changed the next time you boot from it! You can thus add or delete files once you have booted from the image. Must be contiguous.
.imgfdhd01 – loads floppy disk img file as fd0 into memory and swaps hd0 with hd1 – use for KonBoot fdd image where hd0 needs to be the internal hard disk and not the USB boot drive (E2B v1.08 and later).
.imgnousb, .imanousb – loads a floppy image into memory as fd0, maps USB drive as fd1, removes USB drive from BIOS hard disk list. Useful for DOS if you don’t want your USB drive to appear as a hard disk. Note: DOS may not be able to fully access a large FAT32 floppy drive B; as fd1. v1.61+ more details here

.imafdhdd0 – loads file as a large floppy (not loaded into memory if contiguous) as fd0, maps internal HDD as hd0, no other drives visible, then boots to IO.SYS (DOS) or KERNEL.SYS (FreeDOS) or boot sector. For instance, convert DOS-based ISO to .imgPTN file, add DOS boot files and rename to .imafdhdd0 (E2B v1.77+). See Win98 blog here.

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