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Dat file size change possible?
Hi, I have a 128 GB USb Ventoy with some Linux flavors, and would like to increase the dat file size on some of them, without losing its content.

Is it feasible?

How to accomplish that?

OSes: Debian Buster, Ventoy Multi Boot USB with Persistence with Linux Lite, Manjaro, MX Linux, Ubuntu Studio, Zorin and others
HW: i3-4170 64, Gigabyte H81M-H, 16 GB RAM, AM v: F9 08/11/2015, Logitech K520 / M510, Realtek RTL8111/8168/8411
What do you mean by dat file, the persistence file?
All that is... is a ext formated image file that can be rebuilt and you can copy over all previous data over, there also a required format setting for the (ext3 I think) image that I don't remember right off hand.
Also remember not to ever do a dist-upgrade.
What better is just to rebuild the squash file system.
Thats what I do , I setup custom built iso with a script I altered from remastersys. Works perfect, I also have full control over the compression.
This is what I would do in the terminal
The easiest way... I think
make a copy of your dat file
cp datfile /home/
get the size exact size
ls -l --block-size=M yourdatfile
Take Note
Then simply
dd bs=1M seek=your-numbers-Above-no-letters if=/dev/zero of=yourdatfile count=numberOfAdditionalMegaBytes
Then simple open in gparted
sudo gparted yourdatfile
right click your virtualdrive file and select check, and then hit the check mark button (apply all operations button) it will automatically resize the ext file system.
That's the easiest way I can think of.

Hope this helps.

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