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ThinkPad T60 support
Found a fellow ThinkPadder with legacy MBR BIOS (although W500) here who said v1.0.23 or lower worked for him. I tried 1.0.23 just now, but that did not work for me, either.

I tried few other things in the meantime, too, like swapping location of USB key, removing HDD, etc. that I found in forums, none of these things seemed to help.

I guess I keep trying...

(02-19-2021, 05:38 PM)lucdeluc1 Wrote: have you tried to use another usb flash drive? it seems that t60 does not recognize all usb flash as bootable: T61 - USB Flash Drive Not Recognized

Thank you for reply.

I tried just now with a different USB stick (some cheap red one from Micro Center). Same result (did not work). I don't think I have any other kinds (only these 2 kinds) around here, but I will look some more.

The information is buried in my long thread at ThinkPad forums, but these other USB stick I prefer to use (Kingston DataTraveller DTSE9) are recognized, but only when I put a Debian Live CD on them (which uses Isohybrid). I cannot seem to get anything else to work. I am not sure if that means the USB stick should be OK, or not.

Also, T61 is different chipset from T60 (which may or may not matter).

(02-19-2021, 05:38 PM)lucdeluc1 Wrote: Have you tried another method to create your bootable?
rufus for example, or ultraiso for Strelec, or yumi
have you tried to change the usb port to connect usb flash?

I do not have Windows environment easily available to me. I prefer (by far) to stick with GNU/Linux anyway. But maybe I should try something else, even if just for troubleshooting purposes.

I did try different physical USB ports (as mentioned in previous post, looks like we were cross posting near same time Smile ).

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