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Custom WINPE on ventoy- help please
OK i have created a custom win10PE with multiple apps. I can boot to the ISO on a virtual machine no problem. I can boot to a exfat formatted ventoy usb no problems.

My issue is when I format the partition to ntfs, the WinPE os boots, but none of my preinstalled apps are showing..

been trying all day.. is frustrating me lol

any help greatly appreciated.

FYI. I used WinpeSE builder for theoven org site, if that is of any use.

thanks in advance.
the simplest way is to copy on ventoy partition all the content of your iso (first you have to mount it in your normal system) created file,
then you have to boot using ventoy stick and select to boot the .wim file
for me this works in mbr and in uefi

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