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[SOLVED] Ventoy MBR only mode - is this possible ??
Greetings Longpanda and All.
I think Ventoy is absolutely wonderful.

If anyone can, please tell me how to get around this problem I ran across in trying to use it...?

I was helping a friend with his Linux PC;
His HDD was old & he bought a new 500GB HDD & asked me to transfer his stuff to it, so I went for a visit to his house to do that for him.

Using my wonderful Ventoy powered USB stick in his PC that is set up for normal MBR & BIOS booting, I tried starting GParted via Ventoy, and it somehow defaulted to UEFI mode, and then failed to boot.

I then chose PartedMagic via Ventoy instead, and it booted fine.

My query:
Is some way to make Ventoy absolutely never use or default to UEFI ??
(I only ever remove UEFI & GPT & 'secure boot' stuff from any PC that I touch as I don't do wintel stuff at all.)

Thanks for any help !!
It should be noted that, it is not Ventoy to decide to boot in Legacy BIOS mode or UEFI mode.
It is the hardware firmware (BIOS) that decide to boot Ventoy in Legacy BIOS mode or UEFI mode.

You can do something to make Ventoy doesn't support UEFI boot.
After install, there is an EFI directory in the VTOYEFI partition(the small 2nd partition with 32MB size), delete the EFI directory
then Ventoy will be unbootable in UEFI mode.

But you should known that, if you do that it will fail if the BIOS try to boot Ventoy in UEFI mode.
Thank You So Very Much Longpanda !!!

Since I always take care to have the BIOS set that way it is no problem for me to make this change.

The system which gave that trouble was set that way too - which is why I figured that it must have been a s/w thing of some sort.

My Ventoy USB stick replaces a whole bunch of other sticks & makes me able to have a whole very useful toolbox right inside my pocket !!

Thanks Again.
I assume it worked like you wanted it, smallhagrid. Mind setting the OP subject to [SOLVED]? Thanks. Smile

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