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Ventoy2Disk Will not Update Existing Ventoy Version
I installed Ventoy to my 256gb usb stick.
Now for some reason, when I tried to update my usb stick with latest Ventoy version, Ventoy2Disk doesn't see that Ventoy 
is already installed and doesn't offer to update. I only have option for a new install.

All I did was convert exFat to NTFS and used 2048kb cluster as per FAQ. I also placed ventoy.disk.img.xz to Ventoy dir on primary partition.

Any ideas?
Give me the log.txt
Here is the log.txt

PS. I think the issue was with the 2nd FAT16 partition, it was not active.
Once I set it to active, Ventoy2Disk offered to update.
After Ventoy installed, the active flag of the 1st partition is set. So your partition table must have been changed after install Ventoy.
You'd better set partition 1's active flag because some old legacy bios machine will check it and will not boot if partition 1 is not actived.
Thank you longpanda,

Perhaps, this information should be added to documentation or to FAQ under "Can I reformat the 1st partition?
If you only reformat the 1st partition. The active flag will not be changed. Maybe You have also made some other change of the partition table.

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