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[SOLVED] Starting Ventoy from EFI commandline in Text mode
My day job is BIOS engineer working in UEFI and have just started using Ventoy as my main usb stick for personal use.

I've been thinking about using Ventoy in my Day job...

Is the source for Ventoy available somewhere?

Specifically; I'd like to be able to run Ventoy from the UEFI shell and pass it a --text parameter on the commandline. This should cause Ventoy to run as a EFI application and print a list of selections (ISOs) in table form to the console.

Think of this as a crude text launcher for ISOs. 

I'd use this in place of the graphical gui since most of my work is done remotely over a usb serial port in the shell. These systems are "headless" and don't have a usb keyboard/mouse/monitor attached. All work is done on these systems via the serial port (TeraTerm).

Could Ventoy.json be used to force Text mode?
1. Ventoy's code:
2. Yes, you can use ventoy.json to force text mode.
As your description, ventoy.json is like follows:
    "theme": {       
        "display_mode": "serial_console",
        "serial_param": "--unit=0 --speed=9600"       

For more details, please refer:
Thanks, That worked well. I guess I was hoping / expecting a commandline option rather than the .json file; but
it seems to work well right now. I'll know more as I start using it regularly.

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