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At the end of copiing the iso files
(12-30-2020, 08:44 PM)iliyan_pi Wrote: At the end of copiing the iso files I get a message "can not change attributes of file XXX.iso". How to overcome?
Thamk You.

Hi, regarding this message, are you using midnight commander to copy the files?

IIRC mc will show that  message when you copy a file with the option "preserve attibutes" and you copy to a folder not owned by your user or something like that, basically it has to do with no being able to apply the target folder' s owner/group permmisions to the copied file.

This is more usual in target drives with FAT or NTFS filesystems though....

Anyway, you can disregard it if you can access your files later and you can also untick the option in mc if that`s what you are using.

Quote:. Рegardless of  that error Vrntoy USB stick works fine, but I can not do update - every time I start new file process fails and stick need to be reformated.

Are you using the switches to upgrade and force reinstall without reformatting?


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